Delivering intelligent air quality when you need it

Elixair measures the air quality in your home. Using high quality sensors we built a quality profile for your home. You can add up to 20 sensors and up to 5 purifiers in your home.

Accurate insights, always!

Where most conventional purifiers fail to filter the smallest particles out of the air, Elixair filters and destroys 99,8% of all particles as small as 0,05 μm. And that’s a big deal. Because it’s those small particles that affect our health the most. Elixair is equipped with soft led lights that give you immediate feedback about the air quality in your room. This way you are always aware of the air you breathe.

Blends right in

Elixair feels at home anywhere. Its minimal design and organic materials will fit seamlessly in your home. Elixair is easily portable. With its ergonomic design and limited weight, moving it from room to room is easy. Setting up Elixair is a breeze, just plug in the purifier and sensors, download the app, and you’re good to go.