Customer-oriented innovations for KBC

KBC is one of the leading banking and insurance companies in Belgium. And they take their customer experience very serious. All the innovations are based on how it can improve user interaction. They are continuously improving based on collected data, insights and statistical research.

What are the challenges?

KBC tries to remain relevant by continuously improving the customer experience on their website. The Conversion Rate Optimization team exposes the pain points where users drop out from product pages or during process pages. The biggest challenge is to boost end conversions without neglecting the user experience. And that’s where my role within the team kicked in.

Personalized homepage

Research showed that visitors didn’t interact well with the homepage. The existing homepage design was mainly focused on KBC customers. Data showed that new customers or prospects didn’t interact with the content. You could see that they didn’t find what they were looking for. Potential conversion wasn’t achieved. Thus this gave us the opportunity to redesign the homepage based on research.

The needs were examined and carefully determined during brainstorm sessions. The first results were great. New insights enabled us to fine-tune the design during A/B testings. The results were just impressive.

+46% Lift on Started simulations
+32% Potential downloads mobile app
+90% Overall confident rates

As a result we showed tailored experiences to specific target groups to maximize the engagement. The focus on a single product combined with a consistent message definitely pays off.

Personalized and product-based navigation concept

For the domain we have thoroughly reviewed the navigation structure. There has been a lot of experimentation in the past and latest CRO studies showed that users find it increasingly difficult to find their way on the website.

With the help of card sorting and tree testing techniques, we were able to determine the most important products and categories on the website. In addition, a previously conducted top task study also provided us with useful insights that we could use for this project. With all these qualitative data, we put together a few prototypes and started conducting A / B tests.

The result is a completely redesigned product-oriented desktop and mobile experience with plenty of possibilities for personalization.

Redefined product pages

Product pages on the domain have no fixed structure and contain a lot of excess information. Every product page looks different and previous CRO research showed that users had a hard time finding the primary buttons on the page. Users didn’t click through to process pages to start a simulation or to purchase a product.

For this experiment we designed a structure based on a user temperament chart. The refined product pages are structured and designed in a way so that they meet the needs of the four behavioral types: competitive, methodological, humanistic and spontaneous.

+78% Lift on Started simulations
-12% Exits on
the page
+95% Overall confident rates

The result of these new product pages was astonishing. Potential conversions skyrocketed. There were significantly fewer exits and single page visits. This has opened the door for further testing on all kinds of other product groups as well.