Explosive Belgian rock and roll at it’s best

I have long term familiar relationship with these rockers from Belgium. With every release we reinforce their online presence with a new website, targeted advertising, email campaigns, and much more…

Modular built content management system

Where most conventional purifiers fail to filter the smallest particles out of the air, Elixair filters and destroys 99,8% of all particles as small as 0,05 μm. And that’s a big deal. Because it’s those small particles that affect our health the most. Elixair is equipped with soft led lights that give you immediate feedback about the air quality in your room. This way you are always aware of the air you breathe.

Continuously evolving and future-proof platform

The website has proven itself to be a future-proof platform that works well with other platforms as well. A full-fledged webshop is provided. Concerts can be managed through other providers who in turn distribute everything automatically. The Sore Loser can always have their eyes On the prize with this website.